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Corporate Counsel for Your Business

What is the Corporate Counsel Business Protection Program All About?

Corporate Counsel for Your Business It's all about expanding and protecting your business long-term, with a sustainable and cost-effective strategy that adds value. The program is customized to your business, your stage of development, and your industry. It is offered on a no surprises monthly subscription basis. Basically, the program allows you to outsource your legal infrastructure for business expansion and business protection by allowing you to tap into our industry know-how and the best practices that we have established in representing successful entrepreneurs and businesses from the start-up phase through national expansion and more.

Why Did I Establish This Program?

Like you, I am also a business owner and I understand the value of your business, the systems that you have developed, your brand, and the relationships that you maintain with your customers, suppliers, vendors and employees. As a business and franchise lawyer I also understand that your business and your business assets are under constant threats and legal risks. The more your business grows, the more impactful these threats and risks become, whether they arise from competitors, former partners, trusted employees or the government.

I have been representing entrepreneurs for many years and the next step for our law firm was to put together a program that would be proactive, affordable, and effective in mitigating the inevitable legal threats and risks that all entrepreneurs and successful businesses eventually face.

How Will The Program Benefit Your Business?

Over my many years of representing a wide variety of successful businesses (start-up, small and large) and entrepreneurs, the following points, some obvious and some not so obvious, always prove true:

1. Avoiding a Problem is Much More Cost-Effective Than Dealing With a Problem

It makes sense, but unfortunately, the approach that many business owners and lawyers have adopted is that of inaction and reaction. That is, there is no proactive game plan or system put in place to monitor and protect a business' legal interests. Only after a business owner is sued or the business' assets are knocked-off or infringed on do they take legal action. This reactionary pattern is quite common and extremely costly, especially when the problem jeopardizes your business and could have been avoided or mitigated. With the Corporate Counsel Protection Program, many of these problems and future events can be prevented and alleviated.

2. Your Business Assets Are Under Attack or Will Soon Be Under Attack

As your business grows, so will your exposure in the marketplace. You will attract attention from competitors and you will scale up your relationships with customers, vendors, and employees. With this increased visibility and contacts, your chances of litigation and even government regulation will likewise increase. Similar to the benefits of developing and implementing business systems that will support future growth, the Corporate Counsel Protection Program will implement the legal infrastructure and systems that you business needs today and, over time, reduce your future legal costs and risks. Consider that, right now, you need to scrutinize and evaluate vendor agreements, employee confidentiality requirements, non-competition options, intellectual property protection, and potential licensing and expansion options.

3. The Attorney-Client Business Model Needs to Change

Too often the attorney-client relationship and business model is a reactionary process. That is, the attorney offers a solution after the problem arises. While some problems or legal risks cannot be avoided, many can be and are unnecessary. Numerous successful businesses and entrepreneurs - small and large – recognize this problem and the solution has been to incorporate their legal counsel into their day-to-day business operations and planning. These successful businesses are extremely proactive in mitigating their legal exposure and they understand the value of implementing a legal strategy focused on avoiding problems as opposed to just reacting to them. Many of our clients from start-ups to publicly traded companies include us in their legal planning and strategy.

So, How Does the Corporate Counsel Business Protection Program Work?

The Corporate Counsel Protection Program is a monthly subscription based, fixed-fee program that is customized to meet the needs of each of our clients based on their size, stage of development, industry, and specific business goals. We structured this subscription based program with a fixed monthly fee for two reasons:

  1. To afford our clients with a better form of certainty and predictability as to the legal dollars they are spending and investing; and
  2. To create efficiency and foster a proactive relationship. Without concern for hourly billing that can just add up, our clients are encouraged to have us actively engaged in their business, their planning sessions, and on a day-to-day basis.

The net result is we know your business and can be more effective in establishing your legal infrastructure, working with your team, identifying risks, and mitigate your future legal risks. Basically, we become a part of your legal team.

Who Do We Accept Into This Program?

Every business is different and before accepting any client into the Corporate Counsel Protection Program, we need to learn more about your business. If we believe that we could be a good fit for one another, then we will put together a customized plan for what we think would work best for your business.

Charles Internicola

by Charles Internicola
National Business and Franchise Lawyer

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