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Preparing a Collaborative Agreement between a Nurse Practitioner and a Collaborating Physician: What are the Key Elements?

In many states, nurse practitioners seeking to own and operate independent nurse practitioner practices are required to enter into a collaborative agreement with a supervising "collaborating" physician. While the requirements for a collaborative agreement vary by each state, in most cases the following elements must be incorporated into the collaborative agreement:

  • Scope of the nurse practitioner's practice;
  • Protocol for consultation with the collaborating physician and circumstances mandating referral;
  • Protocol for medical record review by the collaborating physician;
  • Coverage criteria in the event of absence by any party to the agreement;
  • All parties covered under the agreement;
  • Terms of compensation to the collaborating physician;
  • Protocol for resolution of a disagreement between the nurse practitioner and physician in connection with patient care;
  • Protocol for termination and/or amendment of the agreement;
  • Each parties responsibilities in the event of a review and/or audit by a governing body.

For more information about collaborative agreements and establishing or expanding an independent nurse practitioner practice, please contact Ms. Ilana Sable, Esq. at (800) 976-4904 or (718) 979-8688.

Ilana Sable

by Ilana Sable
New York and New Jersey Health Law Attorney

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