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Approving New Suppliers for Your Franchise in New York

Date: 12/19/2010 | Category: Start a Franchise | No comments

As a franchisor in New York‚ you may be involved with supplying franchisees‚ or with regulating the chain of supply throughout your franchise system. In doing so‚ you may establish procedures for the approval of new brands of suppliers. You can establish these procedures by ensuring that they are clearly delineated in the franchise agreement.

Oftentimes‚ a franchisor will limit the number of approved suppliers that franchisees may buy from. This will help you maintain control over your products and services‚ establish uniformity within your system‚ and lower the costs of supplies. To maintain your limitations‚ you can establish a process for the request and investigation of new brands of suppliers.

In the supplier approval process‚ you might charge a fee for reviewing and evaluating a proposed brand or supplier. This fee will often cover the out-of-pocket costs of making your decision. When you do choose a supplier for your franchisees‚ you may require a royalty for the use of your company's trademark on products that will be sold throughout your franchise system.

If you need help establishing your terms and conditions for supplying franchisees‚ or with the other details of your franchise agreement‚ you can get the professional help of a New York franchise lawyer. 

Contacting a New York Franchise Lawyer

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