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Avoid Buying the Wrong Sandwich Franchise

Date: 06/22/2011 | Category: Buy a Franchise | No comments

A recent post on by Deborah Sweeney titled "Sandwich Survivor: 5 Reasons Why Sandwich Franchises Sell and Succeed" suggests that sandwich franchises are continuously "expanding" and "succeeding." However should franchisees view a franchise system's rapid "expansion" as a sign of success? The answer depends on your perspective.

From a franchisee's perspective a growing "franchise system" is definitely an important factor. Systems need to grow and expand to support the continuous development of bran recognition and regional and national programs. There are other benefits to an "expanding" franchise. However‚ expansion – if too aggressive or not properly supported – may also lead to diminished returns by franchisees. Especially where a franchisor's "expansion" translates into higher franchisee costs for advertising programs and proprietary products. For franchisees the primary measure for success is not measured in terms of "franchise system expansion" but rather individual franchisee unit "profitability."

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