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Business Spotlight: Global Garage Flooring


Congratulations to our client Michael Iannuccilli‚ one of the newest franchisees of Global Garage Flooring®‚ serving Central New Jersey!

Global Garage Flooring® & Design of Central New Jersey is a premier garage refinishing and coating company that views the garage as the front door to the home‚ not simply just a place to park your car.  A personalized garage provides a unique opportunity for homeowners to add tremendous value to their home while dramatically enhancing the comfort and convenience of everyday life.  Just take a look at Michael’s very own garage (left).

Just like many businesspeople‚ Mr. Iannuccilli’s desk job left his entrepreneurial spirit suppressed. “Long hours commuting just to spend 12 hours a day sitting at a desk in front of a computer left me unfulfilled‚” he explains.

“Owning my own business allows me the freedom to make my own decisions and reap the rewards of my hard work.”

Mr. Iannuccilli chose this particular franchise for a variety of reasons. First‚ because the product itself‚ including the flooring‚ cabinets and storage solutions‚ is highly competitive and superior in today’s market.  Being an entrepreneur also gives Mr. Iannuccilli creative control and most importantly‚ leaves him with satisfaction “from seeing the homeowner thrilled with the result and appreciative of a job well done.”

What’s the key and most important piece of advice that Michael has for future franchisees?

Michael Iannuccilli

“Make sure to gauge the level of support you are going to receive from the franchisor.  You need to feel comfortable that the franchisor is going to work with you to become successful and meet your financial goals.  Be wary of franchises that do not charge franchise fees. In my experience‚ those that waived the franchise fee provided limited support and were more interested in selling their raw materials then supporting and working towards the success of the franchisee.  What you are paying for in your franchise fee is for the support and the blueprint to run a successful business.

If you are not comfortable that you will receive the equivalent level of support‚ think twice about the franchise.  You want a franchisor who will be actively engaged in assisting you with your business setup‚ initial and on-going training‚ marketing and has a shared vision of your business.”

Once again‚ congratulations to Michael Iannuccilli on the establishment of his Global Garage Flooring® business.  We wish you much success in the future!

For more information about the services offered by Michael and Global Garage Flooring (including a much needed reorganization of your garage)‚ please be sure to visit or call Michael at (908) 892-4045. 

Also‚ read Charles N. Internicola’s book “An Entrepreneurs Guide to Purchasing a Business or Franchise” and learn how you can purchase a franchise. 

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