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Business Success: You Need to Think Big While Others Fail to Act

Date: 02/07/2014 | Category: General | No comments

It is always interesting to look at a successful business.  Everything looks in place‚ well run and sort of looks simple.  In fact‚ for those who don’t know any better (i.e. someone who has not run his or her own business or someone who is not involved in managing a business) a successful business looks “easy” and the product of luck. 

Well‚ success is anything but easy and time and again it seems to me that success requires taking action and thinking big even when faced with adversity‚ doubt and some chaos.  In many ways‚ success is the calm “after” the unavoidable storm. 

So why am I so focused on this?  Because I am three quarters through the book “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” by Brad Stone and can tell you that this book is great.  Sure‚ seems like a sure bet today‚ but that was not the case when Jeff Bezos left his high paying job in New York‚ moved to Seattle and started selling books from a garage with desks made out of doors. 

A really great book and a reminder that if you are too comfortable in your business… you are probably not challenging yourself enough.

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