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Menu Labeling Requirements for Growing Restaurant Franchises

If you are the franchisor of an emerging and growing restaurant franchise and you haven’t already complied with the Food and Drug Administration’s (“FDA”) menu labeling requirements, then it’s time to start evaluating your obligations and options before more franchisees commit to menu boards and build-outs that may not be…

Date: 07/03/2018 | Category: Buy a Franchise

Buying an Existing Franchise: Is their Value in the “Franchise System”?

When  purchasing an existing business (whether a franchised or independent operation) prospective purchasers are faced with the critically important task of conducting a due diligence evaluation/investigation of the business under consideration.  While there are many steps to the due diligence process and while many of these steps are the same…

Date: 01/25/2016 | Category: Buy a Franchise

Starting a Franchise: How Should You Approach the Development of Your Disclosure Documents

For the successful business owner considering the franchised expansion of his or her business one critical question that must be answered is: How do you approach the preparation and development of your franchise agreement? That is, do you approach the preparation and development of your franchise agreement (and franchise disclosure…

Date: 01/11/2016 | Category: Buy a Franchise

Can You Find Success in “Re-Opening” a Previously Failed Franchise Location?

Recently on satellite radio I listened to a radio advertisement, allegedly, by a national franchisor promoting the resale of what I believe to be previously closed franchise locations. The franchisor is allegedly Quiznos and this morning I checked out their website relating to their promotion and sale of opportunities relating…

Date: 01/04/2016 | Category: Buy a Franchise

Avoid the Hype when Buying a Franchise: Focus on Specifics and Not Overall Industry Trends

Driving into the office this morning I listened to a radio commercial that I found to be repulsive. The commercial was not political, did not contain any profane language and, quite possibly, did not contain any false statements. Nevertheless, the information conveyed in this commercial (really just a bunch of…

Date: 12/07/2015 | Category: Buy a Franchise

When Buying a Franchise Your “Investment” Involves Much More than Franchise Fees and Start-Up Expenses

If you are considering the purchase of a franchise it is critical to recognize that your investment goes beyond – well beyond – initial franchise fees and startup expenses. While franchise fees and start-up expenses (such as equipment purchases and build-out) are critical expenses that must be evaluated, they only…

Date: 11/30/2015 | Category: Buy a Franchise

To Grow Your Franchise Business, Prioritize Mobile

The mobile revolution has reached service providers and businesses in nearly every sector of the economy. But, according to a recent article in Small Business Trends, franchises have been slow to pick up on the benefits. Currently, only 6 percent of franchises plan to make mobile outreach a priority in their marketing…

Date: 11/29/2015 | Category: Buy a Franchise

Before Buying a Franchise, Check with These Sources

Buying a franchise is a significant business decision. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides information for consumers who are considering buying a franchise. Among other tips, the FTC recommends consulting the following sources before you buy:

Date: 11/05/2015 | Category: Buy a Franchise

Why “Due Diligence” is Critical when Buying a Business or Franchise

For the first time franchise or business purchaser due diligence is critical.  Although the term due diligence may sound odd or out of place, it simply refers to the pre-purchase/pre-investment investigation that you undertake before signing a franchise agreement  or business purchase agreement.  In his article “What is Due Diligence…

Date: 11/02/2015 | Category: Buy a Franchise

Franchises That Can Be Yours for Under $50,000

It can cost millions of dollars to start up a new business. You have to develop a brand, install a business plan, start advertising, buy or rent a space, and create branded material to sell your product. One way to avoid many of these costs is to purchase a franchise with a…

Date: 10/29/2015 | Category: Buy a Franchise