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Buying a Business in New Jersey: What You Need to Know

Date: 05/18/2012 | Category: Business Transactions | No comments


Interesting thing happened this morning – an attorney who heavily markets his services in representing individuals who are “purchasing a New Jersey business” filled out our forms to order my book‚ “An Entrepreneurs Guide to Purchasing a Business or Franchise“.  Unfortunately when he ordered the book he indicated that he was looking to buy a business.  I think that is unlikely‚ but I am nevertheless flattered.

If you are an individual looking to buy a New Jersey business (not a New Jersey lawyer looking for information from a book that you did not take the time to write) then click here for your copy of An Entrepreneurs Guide to Purchasing a Business or Franchise.  If you are an attorney looking for the book‚ then please click here to purchase a copy from

If you are considering buying a business and would like more information about the process of purchasing a business in New Jersey call 1.800.976.4904 or email our firm.

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