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Buying a Franchise: Home Health Care Franchises Becoming More Popular

Date: 04/09/2012 | Category: Buy a Franchise | No comments

Home health care franchises have become increasingly popular over the past few years.  Home health care franchises offer an alternative option to family’s who need help which they are incapable of caring for themselves or incapable of having family members care for them. While most home health care franchises mainly offer services to the elderly or terminally ill there are some that also offer additional services such as caring for new mothers who need an extra helping hand. The increasing popularity for home health care franchises stem from the rising number of seniors and high health care costs. Many people prefer to choose home health care because it is a more affordable option and also allows the person to stay in the comfort of their own home.

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Buying a Home Health Care Franchise

There are approximately 8‚000 people in America turning 65 every day this year making this type of service a necessity for many rather than an optional luxury.  A home health care franchise has the ability to not only offer a unique service but also allows for trust in a branded company when compared to a non-franchised home health care business.

Individuals considering purchasing a home health care franchise should keep in mind there are medical and non-medical home health care franchises.  A recent Fox Small Business article featuring information concerning home health care franchises in which franchisor of Nautilus Senior Home Care‚ Patty Catanzero‚ mentions it is beneficial to become part of a home health care franchise which offers both medical and non-medical services. Patty Catanzero said “If you don’t‚ you will only be able to get half of the money for the patient compared to what care is needed. Many franchisees get scared when they see the word ‘medical’”.  Ultimately the decision whether to purchase a medical or non-medical franchise or a mixture of both can only be best decided by you but once this decision has been made it will make it easier to narrow down which home health care franchise is right for you.

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