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“In Order to Be Happy in Life‚ You Have to Enjoy What You Do”

Date: 07/21/2014 | Category: Buy a Franchise | No comments

Simple Computer Repair StorefrontCongratulations to our client Hector Castanon for taking the plunge and making a career change by opening his Simple Computer Repair business in Staten Island‚ New York! 

Simple Computer Repair focuses on repairing desktops‚ laptops‚ tablets‚ iPhones and game consoles. What sets them apart from most repair shops is that they do not charge a diagnosing fee and do not charge customers at an hourly rate. They will fix your device for a flat fee and will not sell you computer hardware that you do not need. They repair your devices out in the open for everyone to see. 

What makes Hector’s entrepreneurial story so special is that he came from a family of small business owners. His father started an auto repair business and his two brothers also had small businesses.  After moving back and forth from Texas‚ New Jersey and New York taking different career paths over the years‚ including teaching mathematics‚ he considered owning a small franchise business. 

Hector Castanon

"…I knew I had to make a significant change in my life… It was time to reinvent myself!" – Hector Castanon‚ Owner

Why did Hector decide to open a Simple Computer Repair? The reason why Hector decided to open this particular business was because “in order to be happy in life‚ you have to enjoy what you do.” He always had an interest in computers‚ excelled at being a corporate sales trainer and saw that the local area was lacking in professional computer repair services. 

What is key advice that Hector has for future franchisees?  As a franchisee‚ Hector recommends doing extensive research when looking to buy a franchise. He even traveled to Las Vegas to see the stores himself which gave him a better idea of Simple Computer Repair’s “business model‚ core values‚ customer service‚ and overall way of doing business.” He is also planning on growing his business by joining the local Chamber of Commerce‚ making a presence by attending trade shows‚ festivals and conferences and eventually would like to see small satellite stores that specifically remove computer viruses and repair iDevices. 

Once again‚ congratulations to Hector Castanon for opening a Simple Computer Repair business! We wish you much success.

For more information about the services offered by Simple Computer Repair‚ including a free diagnosis of your computer‚ please be sure to visit or call (718) 667-7271.

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