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Buying the Franchise that Is Right for You

Date: 11/12/2014 | Category: General | No comments


Look‚ there are many reasons why buying a franchise has worked for others and why it may just be the right investment vehicle and opportunity for you. However‚ for franchising to work you need to thoroughly evaluate your individual and business goals and objective factors related to your franchise investment. It may sound basic‚ but franchising is not an automatic pass to success – nothing is.

You can’t just purchase any franchise and assume profitability or that profits will start pouring in. Understand that in addition to identifying a franchise that interests you‚ you must also consider factors specific to the industry in which the franchise will compete and issues concerning the quality of the franchisor that you will be partnering up with.

Consider some of these factors:

Evaluate Yourself – This is important. Consider what your goals are and what a successful franchise investment will mean for you: Will you be operating the business full time? Will you have other sources of income? How much reserve capital will you have by the time you open your new business?  What are you expecting out of your new business? These are important questions to answer and should be considered at every step of your pre-purchase due diligence evaluation.

Industry Trends –Consider the industry that you will be entering and whether or not there is opportunity for your franchised business. Also remember that while an expanding industry is helpful that it is by no means a guarantee of success. Industry trends matter but the individual aspects of your franchise investment and the quality of the franchisor that you will be partnering with matters more.

Do Your Research – I understand that this may be an exciting process and you may be really interested in a particular franchise opportunity but you must remain objective and follow necessary steps to validate your choice. Speak to existing franchisees‚ understand the pre-purchase due diligence steps that you should be taking and spend some time speaking to qualified franchise professionals‚ including a franchise lawyer that you can rely on.

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