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Can Dissolving Your Business Solve your Partnership Dispute

Date: 01/29/2014 | Category: Partnership Disputes | No comments

Is Dissolving Your Corporation the Answer?

Well‚ it can be but of course alot depends on "your" goals. Look there are many‚ many circumstances where filing a lawsuit for the dissolution of a New York or New Jersey business is the most efficient course of action. There are many reasons but lets just talk about a reason that is less complex than most. That is: you just want to walk away from the business.

So you are a shareholder or member‚ you realize that your partner is not rational and you have decided that you just want to go your separate way. Sounds simple enough‚ yet your partner is even blocking a simple resolution. Maybe he or she refuses to stop operating the business or wants to stop you from operating a competing business. Maybe it hasnt gotten that far and you are at the stage of endless negotiations for what seems like a simple senario‚ i.e.‚ you just want to walk away.

So‚ how do you effectively force the resolution of this impasse?

How do you ensure that you are not setting yourself up for a future lawsuit?

The Answer 

You work with your partnership dispute lawyer and you file a petition for the dissolution of your New York or New Jersey business. It is an effective course of action and most important‚ it is the right course of action.

Learn more about the important factors to discuss with your lawyer when faced with a partnership dispute. [Click Here]

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