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Can Young Entrepreneurs Save Our Country?


I get that the title of this article may sound a little dramatic – but I don’t think so. Overrun by a generation (unfortunately my generation and earlier ones) that are more focused on political ideology‚ control and redistribution as opposed to doing‚ producing and creating‚ I do believe that the strength of our nation rests  in fostering entrepreneurial principals‚ values and initiative in our children. The good news is that there are signs that the current generation of young teens and high school students may be getting this message and are focused on self-determination and principals of entrepreneurship. How do I know this? Well I don’t know this for sure but in my interactions with my sons friends‚ students that we will be working with in a local entrepreneurship program for teens and even the young men (11 year olds) on my baseball team‚ I have seen some positive signs. Just extrapolating from what I see in my son CJ (currently a Junior in high school)‚ his friends and other young boys and girls who have expressed interest in building a  business.

So in my little world‚ here are some positives that I have seen:

The Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Young Entrepreneurs AcademyThe Young Entrepreneurs Academy (“YEA”) is an exceptional program run locally by the Chambers of Commerce throughout the country. The program encourages entrepreneurship‚ leadership and creativity for middle and high school students nationwide. At our law firm‚ we are really glad to be a sponsor of the YEA program and I very much look forward to being on an investor panel reviewing participant business plans and proposals. These

are high school students working on‚ testing and refining their proposed businesses and business plans. Hey‚ I would rely more on a 16 year old high school entrepreneur much more than a life long politician.  Just great stuff.

Entrepreneurship in Internicola Household

Ultimaker 3D PrinterDuring the past few months my son‚ CJ‚ and a classmate have been pitching me about a business that they were planning to start – has to do with specialized phone cases. What was impressive is that they put together a plan and budget starting off with prototypes‚ molds and actual product production. My advice to them was that they were trying to enter an extremely competitive market and that they needed to focus their product line on a more specialized group that they shared an affinity with. They have been reworking their business plan and have been looking for funding (from me) to purchase a 3D printer to develop prototypes. Since I was not sure about their business plan‚ I delayed my investment in their business and guess what‚ they went completely around me. They didn’t want to wait any longer and each took a part of their own savings and bought the printer themselves. Something that I am glad to see. The good news is who knows where this venture takes them and no matter what‚ it will be an experience that should give root to future endeavors and success. Sometimes you need 16 year olds to remind you that very often action beats out a perfect business plan.

Success for Teens

Recently I had purchased “Success For Teens” for my sons (CJ‚ 16 and Alex‚ 12). The book is excellent and perfect for those 12 – 19 year olds – all about accountability‚ taking action and a mindset of success.

For our clients and readers of our newsletter and website – if you have a child ages 12 – 19‚ we would like to send you a free copy of the book.

We bought a bunch for our clients (their children really) and although we have a limited supply just email Samantha (our Client Services Director) at: or call (718) 979-8688 and we would be glad to mail you a free copy of “Success For Teens”. 


Hugh L. Carey TunnelOn a side note‚ recently I was driving into Manhattan through what I always knew to be the “Brooklyn Battery Tunnel” only to find out that the “Metropolitan Transportation Authority” renamed it after a former governor. It is now called the “Hugh Carey Tunnel” in tribute to the “public service” of the late Governor. Really? Public service?

I get that the late governor may or may not have been a good man but why is it that a politician (with guaranteed salary and no financial risk) is a public servant? What about the hard working entrepreneurs who paid taxes through the businesses they built‚ the capital they risked and the men and women they employed? In my opinion‚ bridges‚ parks and roadways should never be named after “politicians” but rather after those deserving members of our society‚ including our brave men and women in the military and‚ in my opinion‚ the entrepreneurs of this country that add value to their communities every day. I hope that the next generation values the individual over the politician and the hard working entrepreneur over the politician. My bet is that they will.

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