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Charles Internicola Featured on Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Center

Date: 12/22/2014 | Category: General | 1 comment

You may have heard the question a dozen times or more: “When are you going to franchise?” or “When is the next store opening – and where?” Your friends‚ customers and family bring it up in conversation on a fairly consistent basis. Your business is doing well and folks around you only see it continuing to grow – but do you? Where do you see your business in a year? Five years?

These are all great questions to be asking. Knowing the right time to expand your operation into uncharted-franchise territory is just as important as taking the leap itself. But what are some of the benchmarks or potential red flags you should be mindful of when looking to franchise? How do you know you’re ready?

The following Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Center interview‚ featuring national franchise law attorney Charles Internicola‚ provides some of the broad strokes to consider before deciding to franchise your product. Utilizing the 90 Day Franchise Launch Program‚ Charles explores the various options you may have as an expanding business and how to turn your franchise dream into a reality.

Charles was honored to join Intuit for this opportunity. QuickBooks is the industry standard in accounting software and it is a genuine privilege to be featured with so many other visionaries in their Small Business Center forum. Click the following link to read the full Q&A with Charles and discover more about the steps to establishing a successful franchise!

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    Valerie said:

    Congratulation Charles Internicola. Quickbooks is bvery good software for small business. I am waiting your next post for quickbooks.

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