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Consider How Changes to Your Franchise System Will Affect Your Franchisees

Date: 01/16/2011 | Category: Start a Franchise | No comments

As a franchisor you are able to make adjustments to your franchise system as necessary to maximize your success potential. While you are identifying potential areas of change in your franchise system you should also be including input from your franchisees as well.

Remember that any top-level changes you make to your franchise system will be felt the most at the level of your franchisees. New products‚ changes in governing policies‚ and new requirements for financial reporting can all have a serious impact on the individual franchisees that make up your entire franchise family.

Keeping this in mind‚ in many situations when you are considering areas of your franchise system to change you should begin by assessing the current situation with your franchisees. You may find that making changes could cause new stresses at the operational level‚ potentially decreasing success.

You may also be unaware that changes need to be made to your franchise system unless you take the time to listen and respond to franchisee feedback. Never turn a blind eye to an issue one of your franchisees brings up‚ as it may not be an isolated incident. Good communication between you and all franchisees is key to identifying common issues and finding a resolution to benefit all involved.

Many franchisor strategies that lead to success involve clear communication between you and your franchisees. Before you are going to make changes to your franchise strategy you should not only consult with your New York franchise lawyer‚ but also your franchisees as well.

Contacting a New York Franchise Lawyer

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