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Craftsmanship In Every Location

For well over three decades, weekend brew-hounds and die-hard hop-heads have been fanning the flames of a centuries old tradition in this country: beer crafting. From famous trailblazing rocks stars like Sam Adams and Brooklyn Lager, to recent indie darlings such as Russian River and Cascade Brewing, the craft beer market has seen dramatic growth in a very small amount of time.

So, where can one go to buy or sample all these incredibly unique, diverse and delicious beers? Generally speaking, the market shelves are still dominated by the big dogs at Anheuser Busch and Coors. Not to mention, most of these small label outfits have great taste, but zero distribution.

So, what does a real connoisseur have to do to get a drink around here?

Enter The Casual Pint.

Founded in 2011 in Knoxville, TN by Nathan Robinette and his father John, the Casual Pint has been billed as the “Starbucks of beer” and hopes to achieve the same level of success as the ubiquitous coffee chain. With over 400 different types of beer and over 20 taps available within each store, it may not be that far-fetched of a goal. The beer industry currently boasts nearly $100 billion in sales each year, with craft ales taking in only 9% of that chunk. With those kinds of numbers, there are plenty of opportunities for the Robinettes, and anyone else daring enough, to tap into the market share.

And for their part, the Robinettes have already started making headway, with 6 brick-and-mortars already in Tennessee, two more slated for later this year and another to be opened across the border in Cincinnati early 2015.

“Within the first nine months of franchising, we secured nearly a dozen new owners to become the fastest growing franchise in the craft beer industry,” said Nathan. While a few more hoops to jump still remain, with many prospective states requiring franchise disclosure documents be registered within their borders before setting up shop, The Casual Pint is moving full steam ahead: “…one pint, one growler and one person at a time.”

It should be interesting to see how Nathan and John’s franchises shape up as they expand into new regions where beer consumption and distribution isn’t viewed with such nobility. Wisely, the Knoxville based beer barons have elevated the conversation by targeting true enthusiasts and dedicated craftsmen for future franchise opportunities; folks who see their passion as a bit more than an after work ritual. By offering the opportunity to run a “beer store with a coffee shop feel,” and allow franchisors the chance to sell their own brew, The Casual Pint has created a franchise situation that is a dream come true for so many connoisseurs and communities throughout the country. We wish Nathan and John the best of luck as we move into the New Year!

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