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As Featured in the Entrepreneurs Kick Ass® Business & Franchise Law Report Vol. 5 | Issue 1

What started as an amazing journey a few years ago continues for our firm and our ecomaids team. This past year our team met to discuss the next steps in the ecomaids brand and building a world class system.

Led by my partners Ilana Sable and Brian Lincer, one thing became crystal clear – that we needed to put ourselves in the same shoes as our current and future franchisees and that now (2017) is the time to open our first corporate ecomaids location. I am extremely proud to announce that as of this past December our team has opened ecomaids of Brooklyn located in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, NY (by the way “DUMBO” stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Ilana will be managing the day-to-day operations of our corporate location and our franchise company.

Some of the Steps we Have Taken in Launching ecomaids of DUMBO:

1. Establishing a corporate location within a densely populated market;

ecomaids dumbo Brooklyn Bridge






2. Establishing our ecomaids facility exactly to the specifications that we recommend for our franchisees;

ecomaids Office





3. Leasing a branded vehicle for transporting cleaning technicians;

ecomaids car





4. Conducting extensive SEO audits as we establish the digital media supporting this corporate location;

ecomaids website





5. Operating the corporate location with a primary focus on staff recruitment, training and customer satisfaction.

ecomaids cleaning






Victoria Gracia (our Director of Franchisee Support at ecomaids) and Melissa Blinkoff (our Director of Client Development at our law firm) internally redesigned and re-launched the entire ecomaids website, including our SEO and development of our franchisee location pages.

We are proud that our internal team did such a great job and…version 2.0 is just around the corner…

Most important of all, establishing our corporate ecomaids location is an action that is consistent with our “Why” and our core values. We are committed to our franchisees, the ecomaids franchise system and, at the law firm, knowing to our core exactly what our clients experience. Here’s to 2017 and some great things…Also we look forward to sharing with you our experiences (setbacks, successes and wins) as we grow ecomaids into a home cleaning company that redefines an industry.

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By admin February 20, 2017

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