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Ensuring Compliance with Your Health Care Practice’s Corporate Integrity Agreements: Post-Settlement Considerations

Date: 07/03/2012 | Category: Corporate Counsel | No comments

Whether you are a small physician practice or a large health care organization‚ complying with a Corporate Integrity Agreement (“CIA”) will require extensive changes in the way your practice or organization conducts its business.  Chief complaints concerning compliance with existing CIAs include the substantial (and oft underestimated) investment of capital‚ labor and time that is required to ensure consistent and meaningful compliance with the terms of the Corporate Integrity Agreement and its stringent review and reporting mandates.

Aside from carefully negotiating and drafting the terms of the CIA at the outset‚ the key to ensuring consistent and effective compliance with existing CIAs includes choosing a skilled and impartial compliance officer or compliance committee and choosing the right Independent Review Organization for your review and reporting mandates.  In some cases‚ it may be possible to re-negotiate “unduly burdensome” or unfitting elements of the CIA; re-negotiation must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If your practice or organization has entered a Corporate Integrity Agreement with a government regulator‚ contact health law attorney Ilana Sable‚ Esq. at 800.976.4904 to learn more about ensuring your practice’s consistent and meaningful compliance with the mandatory terms of the Corporate Integrity Agreement.

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