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Factors to Consider: Hiring a Business Lawyer in New York & New Jersey

Date: 06/19/2009 | Category: Corporate Counsel | No comments

One of the unique benefits of being a "business" lawyer (compared to‚ say‚ a negligence or matrimonial lawyer) is that that I am afforded the advantage of observing and learning from my clients.  That is‚ in the process of representing and defending the business interests of my clients‚ I get to observe (and learn from) the successful work ethic and business principals employed by my clients each and every day.  One critical factor reinforced by each and every one of my clients is that a successful business must be focused on delivering "client/customer value".  

Applying this critical business principal to legal services‚ it is clear that the delivery of "valuable" legal services requires the constant delivery of timely and cost effective services that can only be delivered by a specialized lawyer.  In a post titled "Measuring Client Value" on my franchise law blog‚ I discuss the critical factors that should be evaluated in assessing and delivering legal services.  As discussed in my post‚ "client value" requires the balancing of the following four factors;

"Client Value" as a matter of fundamental business principals‚ can only be achieved by evaluating the interaction and balance between (a) the legal fees charges‚ (b) the timeliness of the legal services rendered‚ (c) the quality of the legal services rendered‚ and (d) the priority of the legal project as measured by the significance of the client's business systems and/or goals that are supported or protected by the underlying legal services."

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