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Four Steps to Franchising Your Business

Date: 08/01/2010 | Category: Start a Franchise | No comments

If you plan to franchise in New York‚ here are four steps to get you started.

1. Hire a franchise consultant

By hiring a franchise consultant‚ you will gain the expertise of a professional in the franchise industry. A franchise consultant can help you establish a plan to expand your business nationwide‚ as well as attract the interest of investors. A franchise consultant can also help you from making common mistakes that could hurt your new venture's chances of success.

2. Hire a New York franchise attorney

When you begin to franchise in New York‚ the process will involve various legal‚ technical‚ and business documents. To understand these documents‚ and fulfill their requirements‚ you should get the professional help of a New York franchise attorney. A New York franchise attorney can help you overcome the legal hurdles of expanding your franchise business.

3. Market Your Business

Once you have decided to franchise in New York‚ you need to market your business model. This means attracting investors‚ and convincing them to become franchisees. You can do so by traditional advertising‚ speaking at conferences‚ and attending promotional events.

4. Prepare yourself

Most importantly‚ you will need to change your business mind-set. When you begin to franchise‚ you will no longer have to manage the operations of an independent business. Instead‚ you will have to oversee the operations of numerous franchisees. This means managing your products/services‚ controlling your distribution channels‚ and marketing your brand.

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