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Franchise Advertisement Laws in Maryland

Date: 01/04/2011 | Category: Start a Franchise | No comments

Advertising and promoting your franchise system to prospective franchisees – for the purpose of selling franchises – is an important task for all franchisors. However‚ whenever advertising franchise sales it is critical that you evaluate and comply with State specific advertising rules. Many states maintain laws that‚ among other things‚ require franchisors to register/file their advertising materials prior to publication.

In the state of Maryland franchisors must submit two copies of all advertising materials and publications to be used for the purpose of offering and/or selling a franchise in the State of Maryland.  For both start-up and established franchisors "franchise compliance" is a critical task that should never be overlooked. Registering your advertising materials is only one component of your compliance obligations.

For information on franchising your business and franchise compliance you may request a complimentary copy of "The Franchise Formula: A Guide to Franchising Your Business in the New Economy" written by franchise lawyer Charles N. Internicola.

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