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A Franchisor Discusses Franchising and Issues that You Should Consider Before You Franchise Your Business

I am always interested in the insights and viewpoints of other franchisors and their franchise experiences. As part of our continuing “Franchisor Interview Series” recently‚ I had the opportunity to speak with Jacqueline Sanin‚ the founder and franchisor of Jump! Immersion School‚ a children’s enrichment / educational based franchise focused on Spanish language instruction.

During the interview‚ some of the interesting and helpful points brought up by Jacqueline‚ included:

  • The Necessity of Thoroughly Evaluating Your Systems Prior to Selling A Franchise – Jacqueline stressed this point in our interview and for a very good reason. Creating the right system takes time and effort so it is important to have all of the details that deal with every aspect of a business prior to franchising it. Without this very valuable step problems that may currently go unnoticed or may not have much of an effect on business can be magnified once the business is franchised. A thorough evaluation of all systems allows you‚ the business owner‚ an opportunity to correct any issues before they become larger.
  • The Necessity of Documenting Your Business Systems The point Jacqueline made about creating detailed systems for franchisees is very important. Jacqueline recommends documenting each and every detail about the franchised business and how it is run and to use this documentation as part of the training process to ensure that franchisees can easily replicate your business systems. For Jacqueline‚ as an example‚ this means documenting‚ in detail‚ everything about the operations of a Salta! franchise‚ from the atmosphere that should be maintained to the teaching methodologies and techniques that instructors are required to follow.
  • The Necessity of Hiring the Right Franchise Lawyer – Particularly One Who Understands Your Concept – Jacqueline mentioned another factor that she believes is important when making the decision to franchise your business which is finding the right lawyer. For her this didn’t just mean finding any franchise lawyer but rather taking it a step further to find a franchise lawyer who understands the concept that is going to be franchised. It can make the franchising process easier when the lawyer understands you and your business.

In addition to the great advice offered by Jacqueline‚ there were quite a few things I was impressed with when speaking to her. Jacqueline is extremely focused on building training programs (systems) that can be taught to her franchisees and duplicated by them. In terms of the services offered Jump!‚ they have established an interesting niche in children’s enrichment programs.

To listen to my interview with Jacqueline and to obtain a complimentary copy of the interview on CD‚ links and a complimentary order form are listed below:


NOTE: Thanks to Jacqueline Sanin and the great staff at Jump! Immersion School. Also‚ please note that as a franchise law firm, we cannot and do not recommend franchise investments or the investment in a particular franchise opportunity. This interview and the information that we are sharing is intended to provide insight for those business owners who want information about franchising their business.

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