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To Grow Your Franchise Business, Prioritize Mobile

Date: 11/29/2015 | Category: Buy a Franchise | No comments


The mobile revolution has reached service providers and businesses in nearly every sector of the economy. But, according to a recent article in Small Business Trends, franchises have been slow to pick up on the benefits. Currently, only 6 percent of franchises plan to make mobile outreach a priority in their marketing plans for the coming year.

This doesn’t mean that franchises are ignoring digital marketing entirely.

The article reveals that 48 percent of franchise brands have mobile-optimized websites and 40 percent offer a mobile app. Businesses are a little bit better using the Internet. Over 75 percent of franchises use email marketing, SEO, PPC marketing, and website optimization strategies.

As these numbers reveal, there is plenty of space in the mobile world for an enterprising franchise owner. Look for more mobile technology to be used to reach customers and build local business.

Some franchise owners face additional hurdles, such as the need to get permission for certain mobile strategies from the corporate office.  For example, 40 percent of franchisors currently don’t allow franchisees to create their own websites. This leads franchisees to develop more innovative ways of spreading the word about the business they run in their local community.

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