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Guide to Purchasing a Business or franchise (Second Edition)

Date: 06/26/2010 | Category: Buy a Franchise | No comments

The Second Edition of business and franchise lawyer Charles N. Internicola's "An Entrepreneurs Guide to Purchasing a Business or Franchise" was recently released for publication.  Structured and billed as a "No Nonsense Guide to Educate‚ Inform and Empower Business Purchasers and Prospective Franchisees"‚ Mr. Internicola's new book presents franchisees and business purchasers with critical tools and resources that should be considered and evaluated before buying a business or franchise.

Now in its Second Edition‚ Mr. Internicola's book containes revised and extensive coverage of franchise transactions and information including a detailed information about:

  1. The FDD‚
  2. "Franchise Factors" and information that prospective franchisees need to know now;
  3. Negotiating the Franchise Agreement;
  4. The protected territory and what you need to know; and 
  5. Numerous franchise related issues.

To promote the release of this new book‚ for a limited time Mr. Internicola is offering a select number of complimentary copies of his acclaimed new book.

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