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Homegrown Pie Company Looks to Franchising

Date: 11/14/2014 | Category: General | No comments


What is the secret ingredient that can help drive growth and turn a great local business into a national success? Well‚ for Wendy and Dave Achazt‚ founders and proud operators of the Detroit based The Handmade Pie Company‚ it was franchising. After 20 years of successful operation‚ delivering a great product (pies!) and building a great brand they realized that growth required expansion which in their case meant more shops selling pies and for the Achazt’s the vehicle that they selected (or‚ in this case‚ the secret ingredient) was franchising.

Like many successful business owners who look to franchising‚ the Achazt’s had received numerous requests from customers and investors who were interested in franchising. Franchising represented a natural progression and when it came time to size up franchise requests‚ Wendy and Dave had plenty of options. With many offers over the years‚ they finally settled on the The Handmade Pie Company and COO Kevin Sirois. The rights were purchased for an undisclosed amount and backed by Kevin’s father and Big Boy International executive‚ Keith Sirois.

According to the Achazt’s‚ franchising will allow them to maintain their focus on what they do best: baking and supplying a quality product. Their franchisee will now supply the capital and managerial resources for the build out and operation of retail locations. Will be interesting to see how they manage the rollout and development of what could become a great national brand. Best of luck guys!

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