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How Military Training Helped Veteran Keith Orr Run a Franchisee

Date: 11/18/2014 | Category: General | No comments

Before he became the owner of a Handyman Matters franchise on the month of April 2013‚ Keith Orr was a dedicated and accomplished military man. He spent 24 years of active duty service in the United States Army – serving in Georgia‚ South Carolina‚ North Carolina and Hawaii‚ as well as in various countries all around the world. Throughout his impressive military career‚ he held multiple chief leadership positions.

After retiring with the rank of Sergeant First Class‚ he moved back to his home state of Delaware‚ where he discovered that he wanted to pursue a life as an entrepreneur. He enrolled for a BS in Business Management but found the pace to be too slow. So he engaged in a crash program of self-education‚ using all the online and classroom resources he could to learn how to run a business. His go-to resources included SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) and articles on LinkedIn.

Ultimately‚ Mr. Orr purchased a Handyman Matters franchise for $75‚000. He paid a third of the cost out of his own pocket and the rest was funded by a Patriot Express loan. With assistance from a network of fellow owners and a dedicated group of employees‚ he built his franchise into the successful business it is today.

Mr. Orr believes that veterans hold a lot of principles that make them ideal candidates for owning a franchise – they’re good at following the rules and adhering to systems and structures‚ and they’re very hard workers. However‚ they also know how to quickly adapt to new scenarios and changing circumstances‚ which is a skill that can be invaluable in a business setting.

His advice to prospective franchisees is to read and learn as much as one can about sales and marketing‚ and to turn to friends‚ family and trusted advisors in times of need. He believes that success is extremely difficult to achieve without a good support system.

Without question our military veterans represent a tremendous resource and stories like Keith’s are great to hear. If you are a veteran or an individual interested in buying a franchise‚ one compelling point that Keith offers is that you must be prepared and you must educate yourself‚ utilize available resources and understand that you must be actively involved in the marketing and development of your franchised business.If you would like to learn more about buying a franchise‚ the mistakes to avoid and steps that you need to follow‚ visit our complimentary Franchise University Program and access our free videos‚ reports and articles about buying a franchise.

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