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How NFL Player Bryan Scott Became a Successful Franchisee

Date: 02/06/2015 | Category: Buy a Franchise | No comments


New Jersey Franchise Law

One could easily say that there are no comparisons to be drawn between American football and franchising. After all, the former evokes superhuman feats of speed and strength, while the latter has more to do with number crunching and business savvy than brawny displays of athleticism. However, former NFL linebacker Bryan Scott would disagree.

After a decade long career in the NFL and a subsequent year-long break, Scott started scouting for business prospects. In the course of his search, he met up with the TITLE Boxing Club Corporate Team in Ann Arbor. The connection between them was instant – their relationship reminded Scott of the ones he had with his NFL coaches. Even more, Scott saw a lot of potential in the TITLE Boxing Club Power Hour workout. Believing not only in the product but also the team behind it, he decided to partner up with TITLE and became a franchise owner on December 5, 2014.

So, how has Bryan Scott made the transition from NFL player to successful franchisee? He believes his experience on the field has helped him out a lot in the business world. In order to make a successful play in football, players have to study the playbook and execute accordingly. Scott applies the same playbook mentality to his business approach. He analyzes the market, draws up a blue plan, and tackles his challenges with the same ferocity he once exerted on unlucky quarterbacks.

Today, Scott owns two TITLE Boxing Club franchises in the cities of Alpharetta and Johns Creek in Georgia. He plans to expand into the Metro Atlanta area with multiple club openings. He is passionate in his belief that the TITLE workout can change lives, and he hopes that the Atlanta community will embrace it.

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