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How to Deal With a Dispute With Your Business Partner

Date: 03/02/2014 | Category: General | No comments

How to Deal with A Dispute with Your Business Partner

Lets start off with some facts here: (1) partnership and shareholder disputes are extremely common; (2) a dispute with your business partner can undermine and destroy your business; and (3) if not handled properly partnerships can get out of control.

Even if these points may seem obvious‚ far too often they are overlooked.  If you are faced with a dispute with your business partners and shareholders then it is important that yyou be aware of these pitfalls and then develop a plan of action. That is‚ you must come to the realization that things will need to change and while "litigation" may be necessary it must always be recognized as a "means to an end" and not the end itself. I say this because partnership disputes get personal and sometimes partners end up spending far too much time "fighting" instead of evaluating a departure strategy.

Now‚ look I understand that ifyou are reading this that things may already be bad and you probaby cannot have a productive converstaion with your partner – I get it. So while I advocate for an aggressive litigation strategy (one designed to rebalance the playing field) I believe it is important for you to recognize that litigation may not solve everything and once you protect your interests and stop the actions of your partner‚ you should ecplore with your attorney a resolution strategy.

Too often litigants and their attorneys get caught up in the dispute and not a resolution.

Learn More.

If you are faced with a shareholder or partnership dispute‚ order a complimentary copy of my book "The Partnership Dispute Guide". Also learn about important partnership dispute factors to discuss with your lawyer.

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