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Improvement of Franchise System Proves Effective for Houston Pizza Franchise

Date: 01/18/2012 | Category: Start a Franchise | No comments

I am a big fan of articles and information focused on franchisors focused on “improving their existing franchise and business systems”. 

In "Russo's New York Pizza Ready for Expansion"‚ Pizza Market Place: Deep Industry Insights‚ it discusses some of the steps that the franchisor of Russo New York’s Pizzeria and Russo Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen (a Houston-based pizzeria and Italian restaurant) has taken to improve sales during a tough economic climate.

In the article‚ Anthony Russo‚ an officer of the Franchisor‚ acknowledges the negative economic climate but does emphasize “Russo’s” focus on is implementing strategies “to ensure continued success for existing restaurants and future franchisees”.  One strategy that is discussed is the introduction of a new menu.

Unfortunately‚ the article does not address or discuss other strategies that Russo’s may or may not be implementing.  Certainly – for a restaurant – the constant improvement of a menu and other offerings are critical.  However‚ I would be extremely curious to see what other systems that Russo’s may or may not be considering.  For example‚ is the new menu designed to solidify Russo’s existing customer base or are they looking to expand their market?  Also are there systems that may or may not be implemented to improve franchisee profitability and reduce costs.

I certainly would be interested to learn more.  However‚ I could never criticize a franchisor that is at least aware of the importance of improving franchise systems.  

For information on Improving Your Franchise we recommend reading:
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If you are a franchisor‚ what steps are you taking to improve your business systems and the profitability of your franchisees?  If you are considering “franchising your business” what “system advantages” will your franchisees benefit from?  These are certainly important questions – especially in the current economic climate.

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