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Involving a Forensic Accountant in Partner or Shareholder Litigation – Part 2

Date: 06/26/2013 | Category: Partnership Disputes | No comments

In The Importance of Forensic Accountants in Partner and Shareholder Litigation – Part 1‚” we discussed the role of a forensic accountant and how he or she may assist in the “settlement process.”

As a shareholder and partnership litigation attorney‚ I can absolutely state that it is critical that the books and records of your company be thoroughly assessed and evaluated‚ especially if you are a minority or non-controlling partner.

So at an early stage of litigation – during discovery – we typically bring on board a forensic accountant to alert and guide us in finding:

  • Undisclosed liabilities;
  • Fraudulent transactions; and
  • Self-dealing by your partners.

Assessing and uncovering financial fraud at an early stage will actually help to avoid trial and hopefully provide an opportunity for settlement.

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