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Keep In Touch with Franchisee Newsletters

Date: 01/21/2011 | Category: Start a Franchise | No comments

Because there are so many people associated with the success of a franchise program‚ it can often be difficult to get news distributed in an efficient and effective manner. Corporate newsletters‚ whether electronic or physical‚ are often low-cost‚ easily developed and a fun way to keep your franchisees informed about the latest news at the head office.

You should consider a monthly newsletter to send to your franchisees to keep them up to date on the latest changes in the franchise program at all levels. Of course‚ any news from the top level should take precedence as it most likely impacts all of the franchisees beneath the parent company.

Individual reports for regions or even individual stores can be featured when there is news fit to announce to the entire operation. Depending on the size of your franchise program‚ you may need to do a different newsletter for each region to allow both corporate and local information to be featured appropriately.

Use your newsletter not only as a tool to share the important franchise program information but also as a positive reinforcement for well-performing franchisees. Having a "franchise of the month" spotlight can often encourage healthy competition among franchisees and reward those who exhibit extraordinary progress.

Fostering good communication between your corporate offices and your franchisees isn't just about telling them the latest news. You need to also be open to their concerns and suggestions to create a good franchisor/franchisee relationship. Remember that successful franchisees drive a successful franchise program!

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