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Listening could be one of the best things you can do to help grow and enhance your franchise system. The success or failure of a franchise system is largely dependent on how successful your individual franchisees are in their own locations. Additionally‚ your franchisees' success is dependent not only on their own skills but also on the support you provide.

To provide the best franchisee support you need to take the time to listen and evaluate the needs at the franchise level. If you are looking to offer a new product‚ you need to first consult with your franchisees to see if the demand for this new product will outweigh the costs to implement it.

Likewise‚ if there are complaints about existing products or services you need to address those as well. Your franchisees know best when it comes to the direct opinions and needs of your clients‚ since they are on the front lines‚ so to speak. When you see a franchise such as McDonalds enhance an existing product‚ such as their improvement to their coffee offerings with the McCafe line‚ this comes after much testing and analysis from their franchisees.

Your franchisees are your eyes and ears when it comes to the satisfaction of your customers. Maintaining open communication with your franchisees can not only alert you to consumer needs and desires‚ but also allow your franchisees to be involved in the changes to your franchise system. By involving their input in the evolution of your franchise system you can continue to make positive improvements and generate a more substantial franchise operation.

There are many franchisor strategies that include listening to your franchisees as a main focus for your success. No one knows your customers better than the franchisees that directly serve them on a daily basis. Their opinions and input are among the best sources of research and analysis you can have to further develop your franchise system. 

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