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What the Media Wants: Getting PR Exposure


Matt Diaz, Account Manager | No Limit Agency

As Featured in Charles N. Internicola’s Business & Franchise Law Report Vol. 4 Issue 2

Not until I became a Franchisor did I fully appreciate the value of public relations and the value that a dedicated agency can bring to a business. Over the past number of years we have had the benefit of working with No Limit Agency and it turns out that they have been one of those unique service providers that are always focused on delivering client value. So we asked Matt Diaz from No Limit Agency to give us some tips for implementing PR fundamentals.

Over the past four years with No Limit Agency, I’ve heard, read, pitched and created thousands of stories. I’ve been able to secure media on every level from large national placements in USA Today down to small local placements in The Goochland Gazette. But even through all my success, to get those placements I also had to be denied hundreds of thousands of times. The hard truth is that even if I believe the story I’m pitching is a “swan,” the editor on the other end of the phone might think it’s just a regular, old ugly duckling.

Luckily for me and brands across the country, there is a nice formula to follow when trying to turn your duck into a much more majestic bird of a story.

Reporters and editors are all looking for stories that fit the following questions: is it timely? Is it local? Is there a personal story? Is it unique?


Did your press worthy moment happen today? News travels fast and it fades quickly. If what you are trying to pitch to the media happened yesterday, you are more than likely not going to be able to get placement. We recommend reaching out at least one week before your event if possible.

If media placement happens to be an afterthought, make sure that you took a lot of really great, high-resolution pictures. Photos will help you to get placement after the fact.


Where is the news coming from? If the news you have to share didn’t happen in your town, the reporters in your town probably won’t want to cover the story.


Who is the story about? Reporters are looking for stories about people. It’s not the business people want to read about, it’s the person behind the business that lives in their community and directly impacts their daily life. Find the human element and try to tell YOUR story, not just the story of business “X.”


Is what you have to offer different or unique? There are thousands of businesses out there and there are events happening every day. Because of this, you are directly competing with other business owners for story space. You have to be realistic in your expectations and you have to ask yourself if what you are doing truly is different, special or unique. The more unique your story is the better.

Maybe you don’t know if what you have is newsworthy or not. Often time’s people have great stories that they might not find extraordinary because they live it every day. If you work with a PR agency or have a good relationship with your franchisees or franchisor, it is good practice to run the idea by them. Maybe it’s not a press worthy moment every time, but it always helps to bounce ideas off someone.


No Limit Agency is a Chicago-based dynamic communications agency that establishes and elevates brands by delivering their message to the masses with fresh thinking and boundless creativity. The agency was created in 2008 because founder Nick Powills saw an opportunity within the agency world to deliver better relationships, service and results while consistently accomplishing and exceeding our client’s expectations. No Limit Agency has earned national recognition within the Inc. 5000 and The Agency Post’s Agency 100. The agency specializes in franchising, with 50 clients including Checkers, Smoothie King, Pita Pit, Sylvan Learning and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.

To learn more about public relations, marketing, social media, advertising and more, contact Miaat Diaz and his team by visiting www.nolimitagency.com or call (312) 526-3996.

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