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Meeting With Your Lawyer About a Business Dispute? Here’s How to Prepare

Date: 11/13/2015 | Category: Corporate Counsel | No comments


New York Franchise Law

When you meet with an experienced New York lawyer who handles business disputes, you want your meeting to be productive. Here are several tips to prepare for that meeting. These should help the conversation proceed efficiently and get your questions answered.

Answer this question: “What is the argument we’re having?”

Do your best to answer the question in 2-3 sentences. Write them down. Thinking through a business problem this way helps clarify the key issues. This will help your lawyer know where to focus. Add a short summary of the events that led up to the dispute for more background.

Bring copies of any relevant paperwork.

If you’re having a contract dispute with one of your business partners, bring a copy of the contract or agreement that contains the language causing the problem. If the dispute is financial, bring copies of financial records that show the numbers at stake. Your attorney will need these to better understand the problem and determine what extra investigation should be completed, or what experts, if any, should be consulted.

What is your ideal result?  What result(s) sound reasonable to you?

Many disputes over business matters don’t have a single, clear-cut outcome required by the law.  Instead, business law allows partners or associates to come to their own arrangement as long as that arrangement fits within the boundaries of the law. Write down both what your ideal outcome would be and what possible outcomes you would accept as reasonable solutions. These help your attorney understand what you want to achieve and plan to reach a result that fits under the law and is as close to your ideal as possible.

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