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Negotiating The Sale of Your Non-Controlling Stock and Partnership Interests In NY and NJ

Date: 02/01/2013 | Category: Partnership Disputes | No comments


HAS THERE BEEN A DELAY IN NEGOTIATIONS INVOLVING THE SALE OF YOUR NON-CONTROLLING SHAREHOLDER AND PARTNERSHIP INTERESTS? The unfortunate reality is that‚ chances are‚ there probably has been a delay or will be a delay.  You see‚ one common problem and pattern that New York and New Jersey non-controlling and minority shareholders and partners face is that the controlling partner will typically use "negotiations" as a delay tactic.

Sure your partner would like to buy-out your interests.  However‚ if you are involved in a dispute situation‚ it is also likely that your controlling business partner believes that you are entitled to much less than fair value.  Your partner may believe that you did not add value to the company and that you were or are "lucky to get a salary".  So‚ many times‚ a majority / controlling shareholder will use the negotiation process as a delay tactic until he or she could figure out how to get you out.    Typically‚ what follows next is a complete lock-out and diversion of business assets.

So‚ just be aware that many times buy-out negotiations (especially involving non-controlling shareholders) are a delay tactic.  Don't fall for them.

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