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NY & NJ Shareholder & Partnership Dispute Lawyer Offers Information for the Best Course of Action in a Partnership Dispute

Charles Internicola

by Charles Internicola
National Business and Franchise Lawyer

Date: 02/15/2012 | Category: Partnership Disputes | No comments

In a recent article by Charles N. Internicola‚ Esq.‚ New York and New Jersey Shareholder and Partnership Dispute Lawyer‚ titled "What is the Best Course of Action When You Are Faced with a Partner‚ Shareholder‚ or Member Dispute?"‚ Mr. Internicola addresses multiple steps that can be taken by a partner‚ shareholder or member involved in a dispute to "level the playing field".

Some of the steps mentioned in the article that are a "proven course of action"in partnership dispute matters are as follows:

  • Identify the facts concerning the partnership;
  • Identify the legal rights associated with the partnership's interests;
  • Identify your agreement provisions;
  • Identify your interest status – minority‚ equal‚ or controlling – and use it to  your advantage;
  • Take control on critical assets – most of the time this will be intangeble assets such as customers;
  • Track the pre and post-dispute actions of your partners;
  • Develop specific goals;
  • Focus on rebalancing the negotiating playing field;
  • Adopt a litigation strategy focused on action and‚ when possible‚ pre-emption;

When involved in a partnership dispute it is important to take the appropriate steps of action sooner rather than later. 

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