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Our 2017 Strategic Goals (What are Yours?)

Date: 02/22/2017 | Category: Firm News | No comments


As Featured in the Entrepreneurs Kick Ass® Business & Franchise Law Report Vol. 5 | Issue 1

Learning from our 2016 setbacks, some of the steps that we have included the following in our strategic plan for 2017:

1. Setting Clear 2017 Strategic Goals – We set real, measurable goals that we will continuously monitor quarterly.

2. Sticking to a Budget – We implemented deeper budgeting discipline to honor and respect the impact that cash flow has on every business and future growth.

3. Team Education Seminars – We created a “question box” that will focus on topics that our team members want more education on.

4. Clients who Share our Values – We will only on-board new clients who share our values and who are committed “brand and business building”.

5. Improve 1% Daily – We will continuously implement action items to improve our client services 1% every day. We have put detail into this plan and have set up quarterly goals and tasks.

6. Create an Unmatched Value – We will ensure that our real world ecomaids franchise and brand building experience, setbacks and successes bleed into every service that we deliver and create an uncompromising and unmatched value to our clients.

For all of the entrepreneurs, clients, brands and friends who have trusted and relied on us in 2016 thank you!

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