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Partnership Dispute Warning Signs: You Don’t Have Access to the Books and Records

Date: 06/24/2013 | Category: Partnership Disputes | No comments

One sign that you may have a partnership or shareholder dispute problem‚ or one that's on the horizon‚ is the fact that you may not have control over the corporate records of your own company. That is‚ you are a shareholder‚ officer or member of a company and you do not know what the finances are. Maybe you receive a set salary and on an annual basis you may receive some distributions related to your tax obligations.

But if you do not know the income that your corporate entity is earning and what your tax obligations are based on‚ this could be a good sign that you do not know everything that you should be aware of and you may be excluded from certain financial information.

Partnership disputes typically result from an inbalance between the partners. That is‚ one partner has more control than the other. If you are being denied access to books and records‚ you need to be aware that a dispute may be coming. By the way‚ getting access to the books and records will be critical.

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