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Quality Pleadings are Important in a New York Business Dispute

Date: 11/17/2009 | Category: Corporate Counsel | No comments

Quality Pleadings are Important in a New York Business Dispute

When faced with business litigation as a plaintiff‚ the complaint will not only serve as the "initiating document" in your litigation but also the blueprint for your entire case.  Basically‚ the quality of the complaint prepared by your lawyer will have a decided impact on the outcome and economics of your litigation.  Poorly drafted complaints are subject to costly and time consuming "motions to dismiss" that will not only add to legal fees that you will incur but also result in an inevitable delay in the prosecution and ultimate outcome of your case.

What to Do When Faced with a Dispute

So what is my advice for the business owner/partner faced with the necessity of hiring a lawyer and commencing a lawsuit to protect his or her rights:

  1. Avoid shortcuts and focus on retaining a skilled "business ligation lawyer" with experience with the dispute that you are involved in‚
  2. Provide your attorney with as much "relevant" factual detail and evidence as possible and
  3. Do not hide information from your attorney.  Communications between attorneys and clients are privileged and subject to protection.  If there are factors that you believe may hurt your case it is important that your lawyer know about them.

Additional Information for New York Business Disputes

For additional information regarding New York business disputes we recommend reviewing our page on protecting and advancing your business interests.

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