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Small but Fast: Franchise Growth That Is

Date: 06/28/2011 | Category: Buy a Franchise | No comments

In "7 Small Franchises that are Growing Fast"‚ The Street‚ identifies some interesting "small" franchisors claimed to be "growing fast". This list includes:

(1) Medi-Weightloss Clinics – A physician-supervised weight-loss program – Approximate Initial Investment: $350‚000

(2) We Do Lines – A commercial parking lot striping company – Approximate Initial Investment: $77‚000 – $130‚000

(3) Elevation Burger – A quick-service burger joint offering organic burgers in an environmentally-friendly atmosphere – Approximate Initial Investment: $373‚500 – $738‚500

(4) Dogtopia – A full-service dog day care and spa service – Approximate Initial Investment: $242‚900 – $458‚300

(5) Fibrenew – A leather‚ vinyl and plastic restoration business that caters to the aviation‚ auto‚ marine‚ residential and commercial markets – Approximate Initial Investment: $65‚000

(6) Firestorm – a natural disaster crisis management consulting business – Approximate Initial Investment: $75‚000

(7) Guier Fence – A home-based fencing installation company – Approximate Initial Investment: $55‚000 – $128‚000

The list is definitely interesting and‚ personally‚ I would like to learn more about Fibrenew. However‚ for franchisors and franchisees alike "fast growth" does not necessarily equate with success. Growth must be controlled and planned. Prospective franchisees must do their due diligence as to whether or not the franchisor has built up the necessary infrastructure and systems to "support" its franchisees and expansion. Also‚ keep in mind that "fast growth" that comes at the cost of franchisee profitability is never a good thing.

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