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Stand Out at Franchise Trade Shows by Keeping Quiet

Date: 01/29/2011 | Category: Start a Franchise | No comments

Depending on the size of the franchise trade show you attend you may be competing against hundreds of other franchisors all vying for the attention of the potential franchisees on the floor. High-profile trade shows can draw franchise giants like McDonalds‚ Starbucks‚ and other well-known brand names. These companies know how to be the biggest and loudest‚ so there's no competing there.

Instead of trying to "out-shout" the competition‚ you should stand out in your own way from the crowd. While most franchisors look at the franchisees that walk past as just another person to hand a free tote bag to‚ you should focus on the importance of making a personal connection to potential franchisees.

Most franchisees can end up feeling like a piece of meat at franchise trade shows because bullying franchisors know they have money and will do whatever it takes to sign them up. Your approach to courting interested franchisees should be less aggressive and more personable – a welcome relief on the sometimes crowded and hostile trade show floor.

Make your display attractive enough to draw attention but not so over the top as to distract franchisees from speaking to you personally. If you're working with other staff members from your business‚ make sure you're all well rehearsed when it comes to facts and information on your company. A well-designed booth that promotes personal conversation will make a great impression on serious franchisees.

A franchise trade show can be a hectic environment with all those other companies vying for the same attention. Instead of trying to yell louder than everyone else‚ focus on individual attention to the interested franchisees. You'll find marketing your franchise at a trade show much less stressful when you put your effort into netting the few serious franchisees rather than the large masses. 

Contacting a New York Franchise Lawyer

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