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Violating New York Franchise Registration Statutes

Date: 10/11/2010 | Category: Start a Franchise | No comments

If a state administrator determines that you have violated New York franchise registration statutes‚ you may face legal action‚ including criminal penalties‚ fines and suspension of your franchise activities. In such a situation‚ you should immediately get the help of a New York franchise attorney who can talk to you about the nature of your violation.

Actions that can lead to a violation of New York franchise registration statutes include: 

  • failing to register your franchise;
  • intentionally making an untrue statement of a material fact in your franchise registration application;
  • intentionally omitting a material fact from your franchise registration application;
  • failing to make arequired pre-sale disclosure; and
  • failing to notify the administrator in a timely fashion of any material changes in an application or report filed with the state. 

If you are suspected of any of the above violations‚ the state administrator has the power to investigate your franchise activities and impose legal remedies if franchise sales abuses have occurred.

The state administrator may:

  • conduct an investigation;
  • enforce franchise regulation statutes;
  • seek injunctive orders; and
  • prosecute any criminal activity.  

If you plan to franchise in New York‚ you must be careful not to violate franchise registration statutes. Your New York franchise attorney can advise you through the entire sales process to avoid violations.

Contacting a New York Franchise Attorney

If you are an entrepreneur who is interested in franchising your business‚ there is a lot you need to know‚ including the significance of evaluating your trademark and how to approach the preparation of your FDD. For a limited time‚ get New York franchise attorney Charles N. Internicola‚ Esq's Franchise Law Report to determine whether or not your business is right for franchising. Contact us today at 800-976-4904 for more information about Mr. Internicola's franchise law services in New York‚ and how he assists entrepreneurs franchise their business nationwide.

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