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As each year moves on‚ one absolute certainty that I am consistently reminded of is that success – whether in business or personal life – is much more about the small things. That is‚ the seemingly small steps (that alone in an isolated instance are not difficult to achieve) that successful people consistently implement‚ undertake and achieve on a day to day basis – each and every day. The differentiating factor being the consistent‚ hourly and daily implementation of these seemingly innocuous small steps. While everyone once in a while may take these steps at one point or another‚ successful people follow them every day.

So why am I writing about this? Is it because I am some superstar successful person?  No – not at all.  While we have achieved successes that I am quite proud of‚ I am reminded every day that there is so much more room for improvement and that this improvement must start with the small administrative and business steps (systems) that must be followed every day. Recently our team met to implement a new system for tracking cases‚ monitoring tasks and promises that we make. This new system isn’t based on some fancy software system or new technology but rather an old school system involving ink‚ paper and a dedicated team focused on tracking our goals and tasks. These steps are nothing dramatic and not far off of our “old system” and while they are small‚ consistent and constant implementation is never an easy thing but our success does depend on it.

On another note‚ things have been real interesting here. Our monthly general counsel program has been extremely well received and we have been fortunate that a number of new clients have asked us to come on board to protect their trademarks‚ review their contracts and structure a legal representation program that involves interaction with them on a consistent weekly and monthly basis – again small steps that‚ over time‚ should reduce their litigation exposure‚ cut down unnecessary legal fees and allow them to expand their business.

Also‚ Thoughts Are Things Franchising‚ LLC – franchisor of the ECOMAIDS franchise system – has obtained franchise registration and recently attended the IFA Franchise Expo. Two years ago our management team acquired the system and have been working hard on its relaunch.  The photos are from the Expo. On a personal level I am quite proud of our team and the fact that my 16 year old son CJ contributed. CJ got to participate in the conference and its preparation – including filling about 2‚000 product sample bottles. For ECOMAIDS there have been many small steps that will hopefully add up to a great brand and system.

Enjoy your summer!

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