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Why Involving a Forensic Accountant in Shareholder and Partner Litigation is Critical – Part 1

Date: 06/26/2013 | Category: Partnership Disputes | No comments

You are involved in a dispute with your business partners. You lack control over the corporate books – so why is it important for your lawyer to bring on board a forensic accountant now? Because there is a strong likelihood that your “partners” are hiding or withholding financial information. This is especially true if you are a minority shareholder or where you lack control over the books and records.

Some information that your shareholder lawyer will evaluate – with the assistance of a forensic accountant – will relate to:

  • The value of the business;
  • Whether or not the company is an “S Corp” or “C Corp”;
  • The distributions you have received over the years;
  • Your “equity balance” as reported on financial statements; and
  • Whether or not your partners have received more in distributions.

Read more here in Part 2 about getting forensic accountants involved in litigation and order a complimentary copy of Mr. Internicola’s book “New York and New Jersey Partnership Dispute Guide” or call 800. 976. 4904. 

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