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As Featured in the Entrepreneurs Kick Ass® Business & Franchise Law Report Vol. 5 | Issue 1

As we roll into 2017, we look forward to what is ahead for our firm and most importantly, our clients. Expanding and growing brands, businesses, and franchise systems is key and part of every businesses growth strategy needs to be year end/new year strategic planning.

This past December our team completed our own strategic planning meetings where our focus was on creating a framework for achieving 1% improvement every day, implementing new systems for client services and refining our client base to those entrepreneurs, founders and leaders intent on building their brand and business.
From a strategic planning perspective, understanding your why, the core values of your business and the mission is critical. So, one area that our team has been focusing on is our why.

Why Does our Business Exist?

What Special Purpose Does our Business Serve?

What Would the Market Miss if our Business No Longer Existed?

These are some powerful questions, and if your business doesn’t serve a special role to your customers, clients, and employees, then an evaluation of what your business does and how it does it is in order. To be certain, this will always be a work in progress (something we are working on) – may evolve and your customer service and experience must continuously be improved. It is critical that you understand your businesses “why.”
So, what is our Why? Why Do We Exist? And What Would the Market Miss if We Ceased To Exist?

Since this newsletter is all about sharing and accountability, here it goes:


To be part of the growth and success story of our clients; to help our clients grow and, in the process, to be an extraordinary organization focused on client experience, results, team values, and success.


We are uniquely qualified to help emerging brands succeed and grow. Like you, our team is building our brand, and together we are on a mission to ensure that entrepreneurship pays off and to help David outmaneuver and beat Goliath every time.


An honest team that cares about their clients and has the passion and experience to help them succeed and grow.
To be sure, this is a work in progress and no better way to create some more accountability than to publish our why and if we fall short to be accountable and called out on it. So, more importantly, what’s your WHY and how are you making your organization accountable for it?

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