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Experienced Legal Representation for Business Transactions

As an entrepreneur, business owner or member of a management team, your business agreements and the transactions by which your business acquires, protects, maintains and sells its business assets are critical to the viability and long-term success of your business. At The Internicola Law Firm, PC our business experience is grounded in over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial representation where we have successfully represented the interests of our clients at all phases of the business development cycle from start-up to emerging to publically traded. We consistently serve as relied upon outside counsel to a number of entrepreneurs and businesses involved in distribution, franchise, licensing, private label, asset purchase, asset sale and stock transactions. Our transactional services include representation in:

Acquisitions, Business Purchase and Sale Transactions

We represent clients in business acquisitions and sale transactions whether structured as asset based transaction, stock based transaction or a combination involving tangible assets, stock and other integrated agreements and rights such as noncompetition agreements, consulting agreements and related agreements between the parties. Our representation has included the representation of entrepreneurs at the start-up and emerging phase in asset purchase and sale transactions to transactions involving joint ventures, private equity and acquisitions in the $50M range.

Lease Agreements and Transactions

We assist our clients in negotiating and structuring their lease agreements. Our experience includes representation of clients in retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries involving retail stores, restaurants, office locations and warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

As one of the leading authorities on shareholder and partnership litigation we understand the disputes that arise among partners, the all too common lapses in shareholder agreements and the agreement provisions give rise to partnership disputes. With this understanding we work with our clients in preparing and implementing shareholder and partnership agreements that are proactive, designed to mitigate future litigation risk and that are focused on the current and future business and personal interests of our clients.

Trademark and Intellectual Property Protection

We work with clients at all stages of the trademark protection process from initial trademark searches, trademark registration and trademark protection involving litigation and the structuring of protective intellectual property holding companies.

License, Private Label and Distribution Agreements

We work with clients in the development of expansion and business growth strategies and transactions involving the development and structuring of license, private label, distribution and supply agreements. The agreements are structures to achieve our clients business interests, to protect their business assets and core relationships and to mitigate legal and regulatory risk.

Franchising Your Business

If you are focused on the expansion of your business through franchising, we offer a specialized franchise development and launch program. Learn more about how we may assist you in franchising your business by clicking here.

Buying a Franchise

If you are in the process of buying a franchise, order a complimentary copy of our book “An Entrepreneurs Guide to Buying a Business or Franchise” and learn more about our franchise representation services by clicking here.

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