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FDD Franchise Agreement Review – Just Falafel

Franchise Lawyer Charles N. Internicola assists prospective franchisees, nationwide, in the purchase of a franchise, the review of the FDD and the negotiated modification of the franchise agreement. Among the many franchise opportunities reviewed by Mr. Internicola, Esq., recently, Mr. Internicola assisted a franchisee with the purchase of a Just Falafel franchise. Just Falafel is an international fast food restaurant specializing in serving falafel.

With regard to his clients interest in evaluating and purchasing a Just Falafel Franchise, Mr. Internicola:

  • Reviewed the Just Falafel FDD;
  • Prepared a detailed FDD review letter and proposed Franchise Agreement Addendum relating to and modifying the Just Falafel franchise agreement;
  • Evaluated and prepared potential franchise agreement modifications related to the Just Falafel:
    • Franchise Fee;
    • Royalty Structure;
    • Non-Competition Obligations;
    • Protected Territory;
    • Modification of Territory Rights;
    • Limitation of Personal Liability; and
    • Numerous issues involving franchisee rights and protection of our clients franchise interests.

Significant to the Just Falafel Franchise Agreement were issues concerning the management and operation of the Just Falafel franchised business and issues involving initial equipment purchases and development obligations.

Successfully Reviewed Just Falafel FDD and proposed Franchise Agreement Modifications for the Protection of our Franchisee Client.

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