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Client Reviews - Buying a Franchise

Learning Express Franchisee Client Review of The Internicola Law Firm

They were there for me every step of the way.

"I have been fortunate to have worked with several different members. Charles was great because I had my heart set on the franchise, but he still did his due diligence and he ran me a full report on the FDD and let me know what he thought might be some red flags. With Brian, he came to the closing for me and he was cool. Everything flowed, he was smooth, he knew what he was doing and we went through it quickly. It was a good experience. My most favorite person was Samantha because, not only having to sign the Franchise Agreement, I took the SBA loan out and it was very intensive, so she was there every step of the way. She was on top of it. I had a million other things to do to get the business off the ground. She took the SBA portion of it off my plate."

Jennifer Schanker, Franchisee of Learning Express Toys, Holmdel, New Jersey

Excellent Franchise Firm

I found The Internicola Law Firm team to be extremely excellent and responsive. They have been by far the best experience thus far in the process of purchasing a franchise business. From inception to completion of legal services, they were A+ in every category and in reference to their retainer cost, they are by far the best bang in comparison to the other firms that I vetted before choosing Internicola. I highly recommend this firm for franchise legal services.

- W E (Real Client - Name redacted for privacy but actual record on file)

…the best experience thus far in the process…

FDD Review by Charles Internicola "Not Cookie Cutter Responses"

Mr. Internicola offered me extremely valuable advice by ensure that my FDD was written fairly and had my best interests in mind. All of his recommendations were well thought out and specific to my business. They were not cookie cutter responses. All the requested updates he made were very reasonable not only from my perspective but from the perspective of the Franchisor. All requested changes were accepted by the Franchisor. Both Mr. Internicola and his assistant Samantha were both extremely responsive and accommodating to my schedule. Both were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to friends.

- Michael

…Not Cookie Cutter Responses (FDD review when buying a franchise)

Very Knowledgeable Franchise Lawyer for Buying a Franchise

While I've used other types of lawyers, in other business ventures, this time I found myself needing a franchisee attorney for the business I was starting up. Going into it blindly, a for a territory a bit of a distance of where I lived, I looked up and called a few names after some researching through Google.

It was about my 4th call in and I called Mr Internicola's Law Office. I immediately knew I wanted I wanted to use him. From the way his assistant (Samantha) handled our first conversation of "information gathering," to the way that Mr. Internicola spoke with me, not down at me, made me extremely comfortable. I should note, Mr. Internicola offered me a reduced rate because he had just reviewed another FDD of the same franchisee and that is part of his policy. He did not have to offer that, I wouldn't have never known that fact. I did not know he offered a reduced rate if he had reduced similar agreement.

When we got into the specifics of the agreement I was signing, he seemed very knowledgeable on the finer points of the agreement and explained clearly how they could affect me. His experience as a franchisee himself definitely comes into play here. I ultimately ended up signing the agreement with confidence.

But simply put, I trusted him and his staff.

As a bonus they seem like very nice and genuine people.

I would highly recommend Mr. Internicola to anyone seeking counsel for Franchise Law.

- Michael T.

…very knowledgeable franchise lawyer

Lawyer for Purchasing a Franchise in New Jersey

I recently dealt with Charles and his team and wanted to take the time to thank them. Brian was a partner through our research and decision to go ahead on a venture franchise and invest. He took the guess work out of the FDD, provided material to understand our risks and signed off on a leveled playing field where we were able to control our success or failure. Clearly they helped eliminate unknown risks.

Our first meeting with Charles focused on the "why" and not the "what." Why did we want to invest, why not upsize our house residence instead of risk an investment. That is what we needed, not an attorney who thought an idea was good to run with.

I commend them on their end to end process and will deal with them in the future. Thanks Charles, Brian and Sam.

I commend them on their end to end process…

Franchise Purchase Protection

Mr. Internicola took the time out to explain everything to me and insured my protection throughout my franchise purchase.

Mr. Internicola was extremely detailed in his review of my franchise agreement and pointed out many points in the agreement that i needed to understand. He took the time to explain every point both positive and negative and insured my protection though out the negotiation. He made me feel as I was protected now and in the future.

Lance Meaney

FDD Review Client

"I trust [The Internicola Law Firm], I can't tell you how approachable they are. They're always attainable. Whenever I call, they get right back to me. My questions are very specific so I want my attorney to be very specific in what they do. Please try the Internicola Law Firm. They are the best."


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