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Entrepreneurs Kick Ass®

Entrepreneurs That Kick Ass Entrepreneurs Kick Ass, they do. They build businesses, they create great products, they provide exceptional services, they employ family, friends, and community members, they inspire their children, create opportunity, devote time and resources to improving their communities, and through their desire to do more, learn from their mistakes, and do whatever needs to be done, they make life better and inspire us. They really do.

We believe in what entrepreneurship means to our country and in the entrepreneurial stories of  our clients. We wish we had a video about each and every one of our client but below you will find some of the entrepreneurial stories that we witness every day, week, month and year. We are proud of our clients, they inspire us and, most importantly, we believe they are Entrepreneurs that Kick Ass.

Our Clients That Kick Ass

Lobster Joint

Founded by Bob Levitt and Tom Chabrowski, Lobster Joint successfully entered the highly competitive NYC restaurant and established a one-of-a-kind New England Comfort Food restaurant ("joint") serving some of the best lobster rolls on the east coast.

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

Ryan Parsons and Ken Parsons have a great story and one that many of us can appreciate. Because it is a story of constantly adapting, learning, building business systems and using setbacks or "perceived" failures and turning them into strengths.

The Secret Garden Spa

After listening to Vivian Pisano's entrepreneurial story and the stories of many of our successful clients, one common thread is that these entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do, they build a tribe of dedicated raving fan followers and they do this by delivering "extra-ordinary value".

StormRooms of New Jersey

Vincent Cerio wanted to create his own company and based on his military experiences and his interest in security and security systems Vincent was drawn to the concept of creating "safe rooms" for consumers and businesses.

Denino's Pizzeria & Tavern

The owner of Denino's Pizzeria & Tavern, the Port Richmond spot famous for their ultra-cheesy pies is opening it first Manhattan franchise in Greenwich Village this year. Owner Michael Burke said that Manhattan is going to be the first franchise location, with plans for more expansion in the works.

Uncle Louie G

Years ago when they took over the company, Dino Russo and Pete Scalici insisted on keeping their operations in New York City and maintaining their own production facility where they could directly control and preserve the quality of their ices and ice cream.

Chicken in a Barrel BBQ

Mike Pierce and his team have built two highly acclaimed destination barbecue restaurants comprised of a roadside stand and a restaurant. Chicken in a Barrel has turned into a family business and the overwhelming demand for their barbecue has also turned into a passion to expand with franchisee partners that share similar community values and purpose as Mike and his family.

The MAX Challenge

Since its launch, THE MAX Challenge franchise system has grown to more than 72 centers, in six states and counting. In meeting with Bryan Klein and THE MAX Challenge team, one thing you'll observe immediately is that their business is completely aligned with their mission.


Relocators provides professional moving and storage services. But in addition to their traditional moving services, Relocators also offers estate sale services. Rob Esposito has taken two separate business segments and offers services that turn out to be a win-win for both Relocators and its customers.

Learning Express Toys

Jennifer Schanker's story is quite impressive and certainly a must watch for those out there that are considering an entrepreneurial leap from corporate America to a franchise or even your own independent business.

Office Evolution

Suhash and Ulka Bhavsar come from a commercial real estate and marketing background. Ulka and her husband Suhash decided that after years of working in the corporate world‚ they wanted to make a change and help Somerville residents and business professionals who share the same values and goals as they do.

Entrepreneurial Reporters, Media and Thought Leaders That Kick Ass

There are some many entrepreneurial thought leaders who inspire us and provide amazing resources and insight. Some of the entrepreneurial thought leaders that we think Kick Ass, include:

Franchise Growth Mastermind: Great Brands Working Together

After about a year of planning, The Internicola Law Firm and 1851 Franchise launched the first ever Franchise Growth Mastermind event in New York. The meeting was a first of its kind Mastermind by franchisors dedicated to franchise success. The success of the meeting had everything to do with the incredible franchise founders and leaders - representing over 11 great brands (small and large) - who attended and willingly shared their experiences, know-how, struggles and strengths in a two day closed door working meeting.

Don Daszkowski, "Many People Say Entrepreneurs Are Lucky, I Don't Believe That Is Ever True."

Don Daszkowski is the founder of The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG). With a membership based organization with over 800 members including franchisors, franchise brokers, lenders, and other franchise professional, Don proves that he is an "entrepreneur at heart" and also an Entrepreneur That Kicks Ass™! Learn More about how IFPG can benefit your business here.

Murphy Business Broker and IFPG Conference

Our team had the pleasure of attending and participating the Murphy Business and IFPG Education Conference in Nevada. Murphy is one of the largest business brokerage and intermediary organizations and IFPG is one of the leading broker and franchise organizations in the country.

Nick Powills at No Limit Agency and 1851 Franchise Magazine

But what they are doing is anything but simple and in the most positive sense, 1851 Franchise Magazine and No Limit Agency are disruptive service providers innovating in ways that are unmatched in the agency, public relations and publication industries.

Business Resources that Kick Ass


Infusionsoft for Small Business Learning from and following the lead of our clients, over the years, our firm has become a big believer in Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is a cloud based CRM (customer relationship management system) that is designed for small businesses and allows small business owners to maintain their customer lists, track prospects and customer communications. The system allows you to automate and control communications with new prospects and with your existing customers. It also allows you to track responses to your marketing and advertising campaigns and can power and automate a good deal of other tasks. The system is quite comprehensive and involves tools and tasks that every small business owner should be working on. Read more...

Books and Resources that Kick Ass

Entrepreneurs understand and know that success is a journey and not a destination and the life of an entrepreneur is one of continuous learning and evolution. There are so many amazing books out there, but below is a small list of some of the many amazing books that we believe Kick Ass:

Get Your Entrepreneurs Kick Ass Gear (Assuming that you Kick Ass)

Entrepreneurs That Kick Ass MugSo we guess you could see a pattern here. Either we really enjoy using the term “kick ass” which sounds a little strange or we are really proud of what we do and who we represent. It's the latter – our clients are entrepreneurs and we think that entrepreneurs kick ass. So we have created some gear and even registered the “Entrepreneurs Kick Ass” trademark.

If you are a client of the and would like our Entrepreneurs Kick Ass mug or t-shirt hopefully, just give Samantha a call and we will get it out to you. If you are not a client (sorry, free stuff only for clients and those thought leaders featured on this page), let us know and we would be glad to get you gear at a reasonable cost to just cover our expense.

The Business and Franchise Law Report – A Newsletter that Kicks Ass

The Business and Franchise Law report is not your typical newsletter. It is not filled with canned nonsense or oversaturated “legal advice” but, rather, is all about entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial  journeys of our clients, our story and, sometimes, rants about why Charles believes that other than our military veterans, entrepreneurs and not politicians are the real heroes of our nation.

The newsletter is free, is mailed out to over 3,000 entrepreneurs each month and here at The Internicola Law Firm, PC we take great pride in the feedback that we hear every month.

Sign up for your free monthly subscription to “The Business and Franchise Law Report” You can have each monthly newsletter delivered to your doorstep, your inbox, or both! Be sure to sign up now as this newsletter really does kick ass!

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We are always glad to hear from you. Whether you have comments, criticisms, would like to be featured in our newsletter or our website or have a question about how we can assist you in expanding and protecting your business.  Samantha Cavitolo is our Director of Client Services. Drop Samantha an email at or give her a call at (718) 979-8688

Success Stories

Shuhash Bhavsar
Office Evolution

Bob Levitt
Lobster Joint

Michael Burke