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International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG)


As Featured in Charles N. Internicola's Business & Franchise Law Report: Vol. 3 | Issue 6

Entrepreneurs That Kick Ass I have had the benefit of working with Don Daszkowski for many years. Don is the Founder of the International Franchise Professionals Group (also known as IFPG) which is a membership based organization that has over 800 members including Franchisors, Franchise Brokers, Lenders, and other Franchise Professionals to help potential candidates in the process of buying a franchise.

Don Daszkowski (IFPG)I am always impressed with Don's knowledge and understanding of business, what it takes to create a successful organization and the positive impact and leadership role that he brings to the franchise community.

The Story of IFPG

After working with hundreds of business brokers and franchises through – a company Don launched in 2006 – he realized that there was a need for better support for independent franchise brokers and consultants. The IFPG has solved that issue.

"I am an entrepreneur at heart and have always owned and ran my own businesses. I have a love for what I do."

"As an entrepreneur, I almost immediately realized I had something special because many IFPG Members earn their living by using our service. It's a great feeling when a member calls us and lets us know they sold a franchise," Don explains. "We recently had a franchise company join the IFPG. Within their first three months, they sold a franchise using an IFPG Consultant. The franchisor was extremely happy and the Consultant made a $37,500 commission for him and his family. That feels good when you get a call from both parties and they are both extremely happy."

The Most Important Success Factors for Entrepreneurs: Keep Focus and Prioritize Goals

Don keeps focus on his core business plan which is running a membership-based organization with a 100% focus on supporting, educating and pro-actively helping it's members. "The minute I lose focus on my core business plan, my clients are affected. I advise entrepreneurs to put clients first, stay core to your business plan, don't chase ideas for a quick buck and every day make sure what you are doing is building an asset."

He also strongly recommends prioritizing your goals by continuously setting up projections to see how ideas will impact clients. "I have a list of tasks for each week. The list is prioritized depending on the amount of revenue each item might bring in or the biggest impact it will make on my clients. So, if I have idea that made an impact on 50% of my clients and I have another idea on my list that will make an impact on only 2% of clients, the higher one will hit the top of the list."

Being a "B" Player in Your Industry

"You don't always have to be number one in your industry…Being a smaller 'B player' is usually a benefit. Do a Google search for Paul Graham's blog post called Do Things That Can't Scale. Smaller companies can often out maneuver larger companies, it doesn't take me weeks and 5 meetings to make a decision like larger companies do. If you have a small team, take advantage of it and do what larger companies can't do."

Qualities to Look For in Your Team to Build a Great Business.

No one on Don's team will ever say "that isn't my job". All team members should be willing to wear many hats and help each other. "I don't build my team based only on a skill set or experience, building my team with people who are passionate about what you do is most important."

Final Advice

"Many people say entrepreneurs are lucky, I don't believe that is ever true. The Roman philosopher Seneca said it best. 'Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.' If you are considering making that call to a strategic partner or going to that next networking meeting, do it, good things will always happen."

IFPG is an amazing organization that can serve as a tremendous resource for many in the franchise industry. Be sure to reach out the IFPG team to see how membership may benefit your business.

For more information about how the International Franchise Professionals Group may benefit your business, visit: or call (888) 977-IFPG.

Special Resource

"The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries.

Launching new services? Don Daszkowski recommends all entrepreneurs should read about "The Lean Startup" approach.

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